Step 7. Cruise report. At the end of the cruise.

Once the cruise has been achieved, the mission leader files a Cruise report  (English version ). 

It includes the following sections:

  • End of Cruise Evaluation Sheet (FEFC) signed by the captain prior to disembarkation.
  • Cruise summary report (CSR) for the SISMER, to be filled in via the cruise management system SGC (
  • End of Cruise Information Sheet.
  • International Relations – Contractual Relations Sheet.
  • Confidential Report to institutional operators, if necessary.
  • Confidential Report for technical managers, if necessary.
  • Equipment Loss Report.
  • Survey on the use of cruise results.
  • Preliminary cruise report (PCR), to be filled in via the SGC (

Note that the End of Cruise Evaluation Sheet must also be signed by the captain at the end of the cruise.

At the end of the cruise and in the case of works in international exclusive economic zones (EEZ), international rules (see the United Nations guideline (The law of the sea) – Marine Scientific Research, article 249, page 63) require the following:

  1. Submit promptly a preliminary cruise report (see PCR above). The report is sent to the DFO which forwards it to the authorities of the EEZ concerned via diplomatic channels (MEAE).
  2. Next the final results and conclusions of the scientific works resulting from the cruise are submitted in a suitable format to the DFO which forwards them to the authorities of the EEZ concerned via official diplomatic channels (MEAE). In the case of special requests in the document authorizing the works, there may also be requests for samples, data and even for assistance in processing and interpreting such data.

These submissions are obligatory and important because they are a condition for obtaining authorizations for works in the same EEZs in the future.

  Before leaving the vessel

 Cruise report