Health crisis COVID19 - Conditions and organisation for boarding on coastal and deep-sea vessels of the French Oceanographic Fleet

Press release

(updated on 08 november 2021)

Conditions and organisation for boarding on coastal and deep-sea vessels of the French Oceanographic Fleet

The health situation in France has slightly improved in recent months with the introduction of the vaccine. However, this situation remains very sensitive and vigilance is more important than ever.

In order to allow ships to continue sailing while protecting the people on board (sailors, sedentary people on board, scientists, etc.) as much as possible, the protocols set up by the operators (Genavir, LDAS, CNRS) must maintain a certain rigour in correlation with the prevailing health context, in France, overseas or abroad.

The 2022 schedule for the Fleet's deep sea and coastal vessels was presented to the Fleet Steering Committee, which validated the schedule.

This schedule is based, as in 2021, on a maximum number of relieves and calls on French territory where possible. Otherwise, a rigorous health assessment was carried out to be able to ensure the call in a strategic foreign port guaranteeing access and assistance in line with the risk and geographically compatible with the scheduling constraints, such as Las Palmas for example.

- The increase in vaccination coverage has enabled the offshore and coastal cruises to simplify the pre-boarding protocol for beneficiaries of the health pass as explained in the boarding arrangements via the link below. A capacity of one free individual cabin is always maintained in case of necessary isolation before medical evacuation.

- After a temporary restriction of the capacity of coastal vessels, which had a particular impact on university/educational cruises, coastal cruises have recovered their nominal capacity in the last few days, but vigilance remains necessary.

- Since September the 1st, station ships have recovered their nominal capacity and research and observation cruises are achieved normally. Only the barrier measures on board are strictly maintained (wearing of masks, distancing and hand washing).

Of course, if the current framework were to evolve, the steering committee would meet again and could amend the scheduling of cruises and the conditions for boarding.