The CALYPSO Cruise

The French Oceanographic Fleet chartered the Pourquoi Pas? for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, a higher-education and research facility in the United States dedicated to the study of marine science and engineering. The ship was placed at the disposal of the institution, fully crewed by Genavir, for the purpose of undertaking the CALYPSO research cruise.

The Coherent Lagrangian Pathways from the Surface Ocean to Interior cruise (CALYPSO cruise) took place in the Alboran Sea from 27 March to 11 April 2019.

A departmental research initiative of the Office of Naval Research (ONR), the CALYPSO cruise endeavoured to observe, understand and predict the three-dimensional pathways along which the surface water of the ocean travels into the depths.

The main aim of the cruise was to discover the pathways along which the physical and biogeochemical tracers are transported vertically, because they are also transported.