Equipment of partners and users of the TGIR

National Oceanographic Instrument Pool

The team at the Plouzané site of the Technical Division is responsible for the National Oceanographic Instrument Pool of the National Institute of Earth Sciences (INSU). These instruments are placed at the disposal of laboratories for their coastal and deep-sea cruises.

National Glider Pool

Gliders are autonomous underwater vehicles shaped like torpedoes which are approximately 1.5 metres long and weigh between 50 kg and 60 kg.

At the instigation of two marine physicists, P. Testor (LOCEAN) and L. Mortier (ENSTA), the CNRS set up the National Glider Pool in partnership with the CETSM and IFREMER, and with the support of the DGA, the IRD and the UPMC. It is assigned to the INSU’s technical division and based in La Seyne sur Mer.