All vessels, devices and underwater equipment of the French Oceanographic Fleet can be placed at your disposal. Whether you represent an institute, a research establishment, a non-profit organization or a private company, we may have the solution that corresponds to your needs wherever you may need it (all seas and oceans except frozen ones). We can offer you solutions which range from the basic chartering of a vessel and her crew to the turnkey provision of a complex cruise, and even the analysis and interpretation of the results. Our solutions can take various forms:

  • Collaboration, partnership or service.
  • With or without an IFREMER scientific team.
  • Shared results (or not in the case of a service).

Here follows an incomplete list of what we offer:

  • Observation and sampling cruise
  • Stock assessment cruise in shallow and deep waters
  • Reconnaissance and characterization of the seabed using imaging and acoustic solutions
  • Survey of routes prior to cable laying
  • Works on wrecks
  • Search, location and recovery of objects
  • Filming

The French Oceanographic Fleet also has testing equipment, and provides training services  for using its software. Whatever your request, feel free to write to us at

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