The main functions of the SUBOP software are listed below:

  • System configuration: definition of the interfaces with the external sensors, with the electronic parts, with the printer…
  • Option to use specific parameters according to the water depth.
  • Control of the power electronics and the reception chain.
  • Interface with the external sensors (nav, bathy, motion sensors, external synchronization).
  • Noise level estimate on the reception chain.
  • User interface displays :
    • 3 displays: profile, trace and spectrum.
    • Display of the acquisition parameters and of the data from external sensors.
    • Alarm display
  • Automatic computation of the recording delay according to the water depth.
  • 3 configurations for the acquisition: simple-ping / multi-ping / external synchronization.
  • Compensation of the vessel’s movements (pitch, roll, heave).
  • Real time printing of the seismic profile on an EPC printer.
  • Possible use on the AUV.
  • Raw data recording in the standard SEGY format (option for dual-recording). 
  • Replay of the acquired data.