Calypso corer

The Calypso corer can collect tubular samples of sediment of between 3 m and 70 m in length.

The Calypso is equipped with an acoustic release. The device serves to jettison the tube if it cannot be withdrawn from the sediment or if it is too damaged to be recovered safely by the crew. The acoustic release also serves as a beacon to mark the position of the corer on the sea floor.

General  architecture

The corer comprises the following parts:

1. Steel tube:

  • internal/external diameter: 5½ inches
  • thickness: 10.5 mm
  • PVC sleeve: 100 m internal diameter, 7 mm thick

Diameter of the core: 100 mm.

2. Weight 

3. Trigger 


This assembly is connected to the ship via the deep-water cable (textile or steel).