USNEL Corers

An USNEL corer is used to study macrofauna (benthic fauna of intermediate size, between 250 µm and 1 mm)
Various studies can be performed: spatial and vertical distribution, density and biomass, community composition and structure.
This type of corer is designed to sample loose surface sediment using metal boxes. Sample thickness is approximately 500 mm. Maximum working depth is 5000 m.

General architecture

Two USNELs are available.

  • Diameter on the ground: approx. 2.20 m 
  • Height overall: approx 2.50 m 
  • Total weight: 800 kg


  • Diameter on the ground: approx. 1.70 m
  • Height overall: approx 2.60 m
  • Total weight: 800 kg