New Gantry for the Marion Dufresne

Despite an initial phase of works enabling IPEV to install a new stern gantry, the Marion Dufresne is not yet able to deploy the Victor 6000 or the Penfeld.

With a view to carrying out compliance works in September 2019, studies were undertaken in the summer of 2018 to determine the feasibility of deploying the Penfeld and the Victor 6000. Quite significant modifications to the stern gantry were required.

In particular the addition of a holding ring to immobilize the vehicles, a system for taking up the slack/absorbing shocks on the hoisting winch cable, and a set of blocks to ensure the proper lead of the hoisting cable of the Penfeld once it has left the ship’s deck.

Similarly, the studies concerning the integration of the seismic equipment are ongoing and will result in the vessel’s capacity to deploy new seismics sytems after the refit in late 2019.