Refit of L’Atalante

L’Atalante was modernized halfway through her life cycle in 2009. However in recent years the condition of the diesel gensets has deteriorated faster than expected, and a shortage of spare parts has made maintaining the engines difficult and expensive.

Also, the deep-water winch and the side gantry acquired during the building of the RV Jean Charcot are nearing the end of their useful life and no longer suitable for the tasks required of them.

In light of this, it has also been proposed that this equipment be replaced in order to satisfy the latest requirements of the community with the acquisition of the five-tonne Calypso corer from the Pourquoi pas ?.

A call for tenders has been made and the subcontractors should be confirmed by the end of October. Technical specifications are currently being prepared. The works are scheduled for 2021 once the ship has returned from the Pacific.