Cruise Results Report Forms

Once the cruise has been achieved, the mission leader is regularly requested to report on the results obtained from the oceanographic cruise under their responsibility. This is done by means of a special form which comprises the following:

  • Summary of the major findings
  • Number and list of:
    • Original articles published in journals which have a selection panel and are included in the SCI.
    • Articles in other scientific publications.
    • Publications in the form of technical reports.
    • Articles in magazines and journals aimed at the general public.
    • Publications in the form of conference summaries.
    • Papers in international conferences.
    • Papers in national conferences.
    • New species discovered and described (animals, plants, micro-organisms).
    • Contract reports (European Union, FAO, agreements, local and regional authorities, etc.).
    • Applications (therapeutic or clinical trials, marketing, etc.).
    • Patents.
    • Publication of atlases (maps, photos).
    • Video and film documents.
    • Electronic publications on the internet.
    • PhD or master’s degree having used the cruise data.
    • Theses having used the cruise data.


The forms can be accessed via the oceanographic cruises.

Forms entry

Reports enry must be done  online  via SGC (Système de Gestion de Campagne) to this URL:

An EXTRANET Ifremer account is request, it could be created on request at 
A user manual is available at: 

For any questions related to the entry in the SGC, contact us at this address: