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In case of emergency, contact: Goulwen PELTIER,

Multibeam echo sounder for deep water: Ridha Fezzani,

Water column echo sounder: Laurent Berger,

Acoustic Doppler current profiler: Anne Pacault,

Single-beam echo sounder: Yves Le Gall,

Trawl-net sensors & Synchronization of acoustic equipment OSEA: Guillaume Lancelin,

Thermosalinograph, Velocimeter, Ferrybox,  Weather station, CUFES, CTD, MVP, GPSInertial navigation system: Guillaume Lancelin,

Gravimeter & Magnetometer: Anne Pacault,

Seismic systems (Sparker included): Anne Pacault,

Towed sub-bottom profiler Peskavel: Yves Le Gall,

Penetrometer Penfeld & Corers: Loic Dussud,

Side-scan sonar: Guillaume Lancelin,

Deck Equipment & Crane and cable: Sarah Duduyer,

Satellite communications: Olivier Soubigou,

Acquisition software: Guillaume Clodic,

Data processing software: Cyrille Poncelet,

System and network infrastructure: Cyril Nahon,