The management team

The management team (3 full-time employees, located in Brest) oversees the steering of the fleet management and coordinates activity of different centres and units. It guarantees meeting commitments in the fleet’s technical specification and the quality of the services provided by the TGIR. It coordinates relations with the scientific community, the management’s R&D policy and supervises national and international institutional relations. It coordinates drawing up the fleet evolution plan, and runs its deployment, plus the development and investment strategy.

The fleet director is mainly in charge of steering the management, relations with the steering committee (that he reports to) and the fleet’s institutional partnerships. The deputy director seconds and replaces the director in his/her absence and more particularly oversees the link with the scientific community. They work closely on PEF subjects and international relations, subjects on which the deputy director particularly coordinates expressing scientific needs and the link to scientific networks.

Olivier Lefort is the fleet director, Pascal Morin is the deputy director, while Nadine Rossignol is the management assistant and covers the CNFH administration department. Cécile Miossec is the corresponding DAJF for the management.

Persons subordinated to ON, NSE and SM might work on the following transverse tasks, or be given a specific mission for the corresponding portion of time, on behalf of the management:

  • Overseeing the quality process.
  • Administration for the technical committee / coordination of the heavy equipment plan.
  • Construction of responses to chartering and DRC regarding the fleet, that can involve several DFO units.

Olivier Lefort is the director, Pascal Morin is the deputy director.