AsterX et IdefX

The submersibles Asterx and Idefx are autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) designed for the scientific reconnaissance of continental shelves to a depth of 2,850 metres. They perform dives without any physical connection to the surface vessel and do not require an operator.

These medium-sized vehicles can deploy scientific payloads on sections of up to 100 km in length.

They have at their disposal a catalogue of payloads, including multibeam echo sounders, sub-bottom profilers, current profilers, CTD, magnetometers and other “user” embarked equipment, which can be leveraged thanks to adaptable interfaces.


  • Studying the seabed or water column for various scientific objectives.
  • Searching for scientific targets, wrecks and other objects.

Their suitability for coastal vessels means they can be deployed quickly and at a reasonable cost.

In deep-sea contexts, they can be used to improve the efficiency of “heavy” submersibles (Victor 6000, Nautile) by generating high-resolution charts and data relating to diving targets.

In the period 2005–2018:

  • 530 dives
  • Travelled more than 14,000 kilometres
  • 72 campaigns


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