The submarine that can reach 97% of the ocean floor.

The Nautile is a manned submarine which can dive to a depth of 6,000 metres with a crew of three. It is one of the very few manned deep-sea submarines. Three wide-angle viewports and LED searchlights provide a direct view of the seabed.


  • Surveying specific areas
  • Collecting samples and using special tools
  • Researching, locating, investigating and assisting in the recovery of wrecks

The Nautile is a versatile vehicle which can be deployed quickly in difficult environments thanks to its capacity for providing a direct view of its surroundings and the absence of any physical link to the support vessel. A dive can last up to eight hours, of which six can be spent working at the sea floor.


The relatively small size of the manned submarine Nautile belies its diving and carrying capacities. It can be operated by any vessel equipped with a twenty-tonne stern gantry, such as the Pourquoi Pas? and the Atalante


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