Sparker of the French Oceanographic Fleet

Characteristics of the Fleet’s sparker:

  • Supplier: SIG
  • Model:
    • Sparker source of 2000 Joules (ref. 0609J2000E21) with an extension of 3000 Joules.
    • Electrodes: SIG multi-tip with 50 (ref. ELC050), 100 (ref. ELC820), 200 (ref. EDL1020) and 360 tips (ref. SIG360).
    • SIG streamer comprising 8 hydrophones (ref. SIG16, omnidirectional hydrophones). The first five hydrophones are spaced 30 cm apart, the following three are spaced 1 m apart (see diagram below). Two configurations are possible:
      • Configuration 1: hydrophones H1, 2, 3 and 4 in parallel.
      • Configuration 2: all the hydrophones in parallel.

Data is acquired using the SUBOP software, the latter also used for acquiring the data generated by the sub-bottom profilers

During acquisition, the electrode and the streamer are towed approximately 50 m behind the vessel, and close to the surface.

The equipment fits into a 10’ container and can be deployed on all the vessels of the Fleet.