HR seismic source

In the HR configuration, acquisition speed is 4–5 knots.

The HR seismic source comprises several mini-GI air guns (general configuration: 2 lines of 2 mini-GI guns 24/24, 140 bars, depth 2 m, possibility of using 6 guns).

Using GI-type guns reduces bubble oscillation (no need to tune the source using different types of gun).

The air guns are towed behind the ship from the afterdeck. The guns are suspended from a buoy and their depth can be adjusted to between 1 m and 3 m.

A compressor supplies 300 m3 of compressed air per hour, which is enough to ensure a firing pressure of 140 bars every 5 seconds.

The air guns are triggered using Actris or Serao firing units (developed in-house by IFREMER).