SISRAP streamer and acquisition system

SISRAP seismic system comprises a Sercel Sentinel RD streamer of 300 m, with FDU spacing of 6.25 m, amounting to 48FDUs.

Data acquisition is achieved through the use of a Sercel SEAL 428 v2 acquisition system. Data is recorded in the SEG-D format.

The navigation system used is the ECOS system developed by Genavir.

Control of immersion of the seismic streamer is achieved solely by proper balancing of the seismic streamer sections and adjustment of the length of the overhead cable. Immersion sensors at the head and tail of the seismic streamer make it possible to check the proper immersion of the streamer.

The SISRAP seismic streamer isn’t equipped with a tail buoy and the positioning of the streamer is estimated from the spun length of the head rope as well as compass data integrated at the head and tail of the streamer.