IT Environment

VSAT system network:
Satellite link providing permanent communication (24/7) in the wider Mediterranean, equal to a shore-based broadband network.
Ethernet sockets on the bridge (crew has priority), in the wet lab and in the dry lab).
WiFi (hotspot in the dry lab, more to come): Tethys_WPA2-PSK_AES (key on the hub)

Download rate:

  • Maximum rate (BURST): 1024 kbps with a contention ratio of 8:1
  • Guaranteed minimum rate (CIR): 128 kbps

  Upload rate:

  • Maximum rate (BURST): 512 kbps with a contention ratio of 4:1
  • Guaranteed minimum rate (CIR): 128 kbps

NB: Users familiar with COFIN will be pleased to discover that restrictions relating to emission times, special inboxes and email sizes no longer apply.