Technical and Operational Characteristics

The Nautile is fitted with several high-definition video sensors which produce images that are compatible with the post-processing of optical mapping and 3D reconstruction. The Nautile offers great carrying capacity, including three “payload” compartments equipped with the mechanical and electrical interfaces needed to embark various complex scientific equipment for measuring, sampling and analysing in the field. Two powerful manipulator arms enable the submarine to collect heavy samples and operate various tools and equipment.

  • Personnel sphere
    • Crew: 3
    • Internal diameter: 2.10 m
    • 3 viewports
    • Normal atmosphere in terms of pressure and chemical composition
    • Material: titanium alloy
  •  Speed
    • Maximum travelling speed: 1.7 knots
    • Diving/surfacing speed: 0.8 knots
  • Endurance, working at a depth of 6,000 m: 6 hours
  • Maximum dive duration: 11 hours
  • Range: 10 km
  • Trim tank capacity (one-way): 150 kg
  • Payload capacity for scientific equipment: 200 kg
  • Volume available for scientific equipment: 600 litres
  • Operating personnel: 8

Environmental constraints 

  • Sea state: 4
  • Wind speed: 25 knots
  • Underwater current speed: 1 knot


  • Acoustic underwater telephone with optional SMS


  • Hydraulic cutter
  • Angle grinder