Request to undertake works in the waters of other countries and EEZ

In order to undertake a cruise in the waters of another country, the request for authorization must be submitted to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) for dispatch to the competent authorities of the country or countries concerned six months before the start of the cruise.

Submission of the request to the MAE is undertaken by the management of the oceanographic fleet (DFO) for all the vessels managed by IFREMER. For this to be done, the mission leader’s dossier must be sent by email to the DFO at least eight months before the start of the cruise.

The responsibility for determining the territorial waters and economic zones concerned by the cruise, and therefore the countries to be contacted, lies with the mission leader.

Depending on the countries concerned, the requests for undertaking works in other countries’ waters must be made in the following languages:


French-speaking countries

French/English version 


French/Portuguese version

United Kingdom

 see United Kingdom version

Spain, countries of Central America and South America

Spanish/English version

and Spanish/French version


Italian/French version


Portuguese/French version

Other countries

French/English version