These rules apply to people embarking on all ships of the FOF operated by Genavir:
Alis, Antéa, Pourquoi pas ?, L’Atalante, Thalassa, Côtes de la Manche, Haliotis, L’Europe, Téthys II, Thalia.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

PPE must be worn aboard ship (safety shoes, gloves, etc.).

The ship only provides hard hats and regulation equipment for abandoning ship.

Radionuclides and equipment generating X-rays

In France the possession and use of sources emitting ionizing radiation are regulated (artificial and natural radioelements and equipment generating X-rays). The main regulatory texts are articles L. 361 to L. 641 and R. 5230 to R. 5238 of the Public Health Code.

These regulations are applied on IFREMER ships by virtue of the  Rules for using radionuclides and electrical equipment generating X-rays on IFREMER ships.Consequently, mission leaders wishing to use radionuclides or equipment generating X-rays must acquaint themselves with these rules.

Authorization from France’s Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) must be obtained prior to embarking aboard ship both radionuclides  (sealed sources or unsealed sources) and instruments which include electrical equipment that generates X-rays.  The ship’s captain must verify that ASN approval has been obtained before authorizing embarkation.

Feel free to contact IFREMER’s safety engineer M. Philippe Le Bras (call: +33 (0)298 224065, email:

Chemical products and hazardous products

A list of all the chemical and hazardous products to be embarked on the cruise must be included in the cruise preparation dossier. Safety data sheets (SDS) must be submitted.

All chemical products brought aboard must be disembarked at the end of the cruise.

For more information please consult the Genavir procedures:  P01-50-10-10_gestion_produits_dangereux_chimiques :  “General procedure for hazardous products and chemical hazards” (labelling, storage, etc.).

These are available at the following address:

By-laws applicable aboard ship and substance abuse prevention policy

GENAVIR by-laws apply to all people aboard ship.

These by-laws include a Policy on preventing substance abuse aboard ship.

Procedures in the case of accident aboard an IFREMER ship