EUROFLEETS+ AUV workshop / training

Registration now open!

A workshops / training on AUV operation, organized within the Eurofleets+ training program,  will be held at the Robotics Lab workshop of Gothenburg University (UGOT) in collaboration with the Swedish Marine Robotics Centre (SMaRC) including participation of industry (Marine Mätteknik, MMT).

The workshop will have a duration of 6 days (from 18th to 23rd August) and is offered to European PhD and post-graduate students (students of all nationalities enrolled at European universities).

The program will focus on:

  • Learning (-by-doing) the logistical challenges and advantages with AUVs as research tools
  • Acoustic methods for biotope classification and GIS charting
  • Limitations and opportunities of AUVs as platforms
  • Importance of the AUV sensor suite

Please note that the course is funded through EurofleetsPlus. Students will have to pay for travel and accommodation (if necessary indications for cheap accommodations will be provided) and partial travel reimbursement up to maximum 250€ is available after application.

Online application form is available to access at:


Application must be received by July 8th at 18:00 hrs (UTC)


 For more information and details, please consult