EUROFLEETS+ Floating University : R/V Mário Ruivo. Applications Now Open !

 "Meeting societal needs for impartial evidence on the state and sustainable use of the ocean biological resources"

Onboard the R/V Mário Ruivo

Off Portugal coast (Southwest and South)

15 June – 5 July 2021

Eurofleets+ is a unique consortium of research vessels, equipment and scientists supported by 42 marine institutes, universities, foundations and SMEs from 24 countries around the North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.  A key objective of Eurofleets+ is the delivery of five Floating Universities for early stage researchers of marine related sciences.  Floating Universities will address a range of themes and topics and focus on the applications and operation of research vessel data acquisition and sampling systems and equipment.

The general objective of the course is to provide theoretical background and practical experience in the scientific understanding of marine ecosystems and the services they provide, and to use this knowledge to generate state-of-the-art advice for meeting conservation, management, and sustainability goals using as a case study the /Nephrops norvegicus/ (Norway lobster).

Students will be familiarized with measurements and sampling protocols. Training will be conducted during the Crustaceans survey taking place along the Southwest and South coasts of Portugal, on board of R/V Mário Ruivo which is operated by Portuguese Institute for Sea and Atmosphere, Lisboa, Portugal.

Applications must be received by the 10th of May 2021.

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For any further information, please contact the Course Coordinator:

Cristina Silva
Research scientist, Crustaceans Survey Coordinator
Portuguese Institute for Sea and Atmosphere
Phone:  (+351) 218 447 000



Mafalda Carapuço
Research Vessels and Ocean Observatories Group Coordinator
Portuguese Institute for Sea and Atmosphere
Phone: (+351) 913 220 122